Grow the Future Inventor today!

Grow the Future Inventor today!


STEM skills development with Robotics

2016. 06. 01 STEM subjects incentive problem starts at school: according to international indicators, Lithuania STEM students’ achievement significantly lower than the world average, and the same things the country of pupils assessed as severe, dry and uninteresting (fights, 2015). Exact and natural things is a theoretical training in schools, lack of practical theory of adaptation and understanding how this knowledge can be adapted to everyday life. Poor interest in the school due to low enrollment in STEM subjects and the number of potential shortages in the labor market, namely the demand for workers in these professions is growing relentlessly. In Europe the various ways the exact things to upgrade education and popularize them, but their impact on student learning and interest in the outcome is different. Therefore, in order to best effect, it is necessary to take into account the good practices of foreign and assessment of the situation in Lithuania STEM fields offer labor market tailor-made solutions. The float to achieve the project will be developed in robotics technology-based STEM learning good practice guide, which will draw on the experience of the Norwegian partners.


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