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Mokykimės PYTHON programavimo su LEGO Education EV3 !

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Engage Every Learner in STEAM with LEGO® Education SPIKE Prime

2020. 01. 01

    From easy entry lessons to the limitless creative designs, LEGO® Education SPIKE Prime engages students regardless of their learning level in thinking critically, analyzing data and solving complex problems with real-world relevance. The solution brings together LEGO bricks, a programmable, multi-port Hub, coding language based on Scratch, and STEAM learning units to help students of all learning levels build confidence and critical thinking skills.
    Offering an easy getting-started experience, most of the LEGO Education SPIKE Prime standards-aligned lessons can be completed within a 45-minute class period including building and coding. With teacher training, getting-started guides and lesson plans, this solution is a great way to help build students confidence, strengthen their STEAM foundation and set them up for success.
    LEGO Education SPIKE Prime will also be used in FIRSTĀ® LEGO League, a worldwide robotics competition that encourages students to practice teamwork and learn new skills for a changing workforce.