Grow the Future Inventor today!

Grow the Future Inventor today!


Exhibition MOKYKLA2020 (SCHOOL2020)

2020. 11. 20

The main theme of the exhibition is the Digital School, which invites to understand that the FUTURE IS TAKING NOW. This year is very special for the educational community. There are many challenges and changes that have accelerated the process of digitization of schools, changes in educational methods and forms of communication.

Thus, a traditional event with a non-traditional theme and format and active, ready to answer questions from all exhibitors, lecturers, exclusive presentations, "Discoveries Laboratories" and other activities for the prying eyes are waiting not only for members of the educational community, but also for all indifferent people.

During the two days of the exhibition, visitors could watch live broadcasts of as many as four channels of representatives of the educational community from their homes, the latter being joined as many as 15 thousand times! Speakers, who included members of the educational community (from teachers to municipal representatives), read 53 reports reflecting recent challenges and changes that have accelerated the process of digitizing schools, changing educational methods and forms of collaboration. Accumulated experience, new educational methods, significant innovations were shared.

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What we do:

  • educational technology partner (LEGO Education, Aldebaran robotics, PITSCO and more.)
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  • business management software (QPR strategy implementation for processes optimisation and corporate communication).
  • training and consulting services.