Grow the Future Inventor today!

Grow the Future Inventor today!


2020-02-07 seminar-workshop for Visaginas kindergartens

2020. 02. 01

"... The visual lesson showed how complex programming systems can be easily and playfully accessed even in preschool, how every child can be successful through playful activities. After all, a game is self-directed learning that uses imagination, algorithmic thinking.


The people of the municipal education community who took part in the event are grateful to the mayors of the municipality - Mayor Erland Galaguz and the deputy mayor in charge of education Aleksandra Grigienė for the opportunity to get acquainted with modern educational means, creative impetus and encouragement. We very much hope that from this autumn it will be possible to install at least one group in each kindergarten in Visaginas municipality as a technical creative space, where education will be implemented using LEGO Education solutions. And every kindergarten will find and empower educators in their institutions who are ready and willing to work in this way ... "






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