Grow the Future Inventor today!

Grow the Future Inventor today!


BĒRNU PASAULE 2015 exhibition

2015. 04. 15

On April 17-19th our team will take part in international educational inovation exhibition BĒRNU PASAULE 2015 in Riga, Latvia. 

Exhibition visitors will have a chance to to see and try our new robotics teaching solutions, modern training programmes from our integrated robotics training centres. 

Currently we are expanding into Latvia's market. We are eager to present our clients with trending educational solutions developed with LEGO Education, Aldebaran robotics and other partners.  



Baltis Orbis is private information technology system and service company. More than 20 years we are providing leading services in Lithuania...

What we do:

  • educational technology partner (LEGO Education, Aldebaran robotics, PITSCO and more.)
  • IT infrastructure solutions
  • business management software (QPR strategy implementation for processes optimisation and corporate communication).
  • training and consulting services.